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Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita wished for long time to start a branch of Maha Bodhi Society in Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh is situated in the North East of India and still maintains the pure cultural heritage. Filled with nature's beauty Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most picturesque regions in India. But development is yet to take place. It is a state with more than 100 tribes who are economically and educationally still backward.

Maha Bodhi Society was founded in Diyun, a remote place in Arunachal Pradesh, on 3rd January 2003 with a primary school and hostel. For four years it was run in temporary sheds in Diyun. Maha Bodhi Society got about 20 acres of land in Jyothipur village near Diyun town where buildings for school and hostel along with small residential rooms for monks have been built. At present there are 300 children studying in classes from LKG to 10th standard. The children are from all parts of Arunachal Pradesh belonging to various tribes.

The education pattern is same as in other Mahabodhi schools. We follow the Holistic Education covering one's intellectual, emotional, spiritual skill development to live a complete life. Chanting, meditation, crafts, horticulture, etc are part of regular academic education.
Apart from the existing programs, at Diyun the Mahabodhi would also like to start

1. Mahabodhi Pancasila Samiti for bringing moral awareness in the general public
2. Mahabodhi Agriculture Training Program for teaching the youth the improved agricultural methods to get better yields.
3. Mahabodhi Vocational Youth Training Center for unemployed youth to become self reliant.
4. Mahabodhi Library for public use

Volunteers Needed
Volunteers from India are needed in both hostels and school. In the hostels volunteers can teach the children the basic hygiene, plays, good manners, eating habits, painting, crafts, dance, music etc anything that is healthy for children. In the school we need volunteers to teach mainly science, math and English subjects. Apart from education volunteers are also needed to help in the Dispensary either doctors or nurses.



Mahabodhi School:
We need 1. Spacious Library, 2. Class rooms, 3. Science labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematic, 4. Playground equipment and sports materials.

Sponsorship for Teachers' Training:
At Mahabodhi School, Diyun graduate teachers need to go through teacher's training course for 2 years as per the education system and the rules. The training cost is Rs. 50,000/- per teacher for two years course. They need this amount for fees to university and practical lessons. We need sponsorship for teachers' training. Already two teachers are being trained and they will be full-fledged teachers in two years.

Staff Quarter:
Mahabodhi School, Diyun is located in very remote area to provide quality education to poor and deserving children. We need qualified and well trained teachers who are not available in the villages. So we have to get these teachers from far distances. They need staff quarter to live. We need 10 quarters and the cost of two room house is Rs.200,000 ( 3500) and the three rooms Rs.300,000 ( 5000).


Fund for Health Care:
Since the area is Malaria prone and children are very sensitive we have to give good medical care. For example Thupten Lhamo, a small girl was infected by Japanese Encephalitis and we had to spend Rs.135,000. During June, July and August when it rains people face Malaria, Japanese Encephalitis and other infections. We have established a fund for medical care for children. Mahabodhi Karuna Belgium has taken keen interest and we appeal everybody to contribute to this fund.

Tractor for Cultivation:
We have 11 acres of cultivatable land and we can meet most of our daily needs of vegetables and pulses if the land could be properly cultivated. This year we have very good ginger and banana plantations and it is sufficient for the whole year. We need a tractor to cultivate the whole land so that we can save money. The cost of a tractor and other agriculture equipment is Rs: 950,000 ( 15000) including registration fee, VAT and insurance.


Mosquito Nets and woolen Blankets:
Since the area is malaria infected just a simple mosquito net can save life of so many people. As mentioned above we have distributed this year 500 mosquito nets and we would like to continue this service. Each mosquito net costs about 4. From November to January it is quite cold and as the houses are made of bamboo cold enters houses. Children particularly are affected. Therefore we would like to distribute blankets. Each blanket costs 4-5. We request you to kindly donate as many nets and blankets as possible. We will distribute to poor families.

Erection of Compound Wall:
Every year the number of children, staff, and properties are increasing and to maintain discipline, protection from theft, cattle grazing and from the security point of view the fencing is very necessary. We would like to fence with green bushes. We need to appoint a gardener who can take care of the trees and maintain the fence.


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